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Visual Effects in Mumbai

Visual Effects in mumbai

Visual Effects in Mumbai

Visual Effects have left strong footprints on all forms of media and entertainment platforms. The gravity of visual effects and their demand in the market keeps growing day by day. This also stands as the primary cause behind the increased employment rate of graphic designers, software graphic app designers, and other such job profiles.

There was a time when the visual effect was an art that was quite rare in the market and difficult to master. However, with growing technology, the availability of visual effects services has grown from rare to quite common.

Visual Effects in mumbai

Therefore, this blog presents descriptive and in-depth information on the basic concepts and advantages of visual effects. The article also includes an informative list of quality visual effects services in Mumbai.

What are Visual Effects?

Visual Effects in mumbai

The technology that deals with manipulating the imagery of a real-life object on the screen, is called visual effects. This method is abbreviated as VFX. The integration of live-action footage and other live-action footage or CGI elements to create realistic imagery is called VFX.

Visual Effects can not only manipulate the appearance of an object but also its actions. In some movies, we often see actors and objects that are magnified to unimaginable heights and grandeur look. Even their actions are created or increased beyond human capabilities on the screen. This all is pulled off with the assistance of VFX.

In simpler words, Visual Effects can create creatures or actions that do not exist in real-life scenes. During an actual shoot, green cloth is used in the background and the actors are moved with the help of aerial or other manual support. With VFX, this green background is enhanced or manipulated into something more than it was in reality. Similarly, the actions of the actors seem real with the application of VFX and not a circus trick.

It is to be noted that all these enhancements are imagery and exist only on screen. Adding visual effects needs skilled and experienced hands with suitable and new-age tools. It is not an easy job, but rather a very tiring one that requires ample focus and time.

Advantages of Using Visual Effects

1. Draw Grandeur Imagery

A swimming pool can be made into an ocean, artificial wings can be made into angelic ones and a small building can be converted into a castle. The most significant role and advantage of visual effects are to replicate the simple shots captured into something grand.

Visual Effects in mumbai

2. Composting

How do you make a simple scene so grand on screen? It is done by Composting. It is a process of taking different images and adding them or rather layering them in such a manner that all of them appear to be part of one scene.

3. Adding Visuals that did not Exist

Visual Effects is a tool with which you add or remove structures and elements at your convenience. In the majority of the cases, an object is placed which is revised with visual effects and a visual that did not exist in the first place is created.

4. Cost-Effective

Shooting VFX-based movies can turn costly but microfilms don't. Therefore, from an advertisement point of view, visual effects cut off the expenses of booking and managing a set, hiring actors, and a shooting production.

A simple green cloth with few objects and ordinary people is more than enough to give a solid page to draw on. Yes, a few life-like scenes can be illustrated wonderfully with visual effects. This reduces other expenses and makes visual effects films more affordable.

5. Grabs More Attention

It is a known fact that high-quality visual effects always grab more attention than simple life-like films. Avatar, Avengers, and Bahubali are some of the famous examples of this theory. Visual effects can create innovative designs and designs which make the viewers curious and holds their attention.

What is the Difference between VFX and CGI?

VFX enhances the already captured visuals whereas CGI deals with computer-generated imagery. In simple words, visual effects are using sophisticated software to add effects on already existing materials while CGI creates things and motions digitally that did not exist in the first place.

Why Should You Invest In Quality Visual Effects Services?

1. No Limits to Creativity

Visual Effects are still new and growing. Although it has fixed its roots deep in the digital era, there's still more to discover and innovate. This allows you to be more creative in your presentation.

Visual Effects allow you to paint images as you imagine. This aspect itself is enough to create and re-create. It doesn't limit you to a set, particular locations, objects, and ideas. With visual effects, you can form the imagery on the screen as you wish. Therefore, there is no restraint in the limits of visual effects creativity.

2. High Engagement Rate

Visual Effects are known to engage more the public than simple videos that do not have any additional visual effects on them. However, quality visual effects are very necessary for this. Poor VFX can seem untidy and harm your brand image. To ensure high engagement, experienced artists in the visual effects in the field must be signed.

3. Adds a Cinematic Look

To give a standard and cinematic look to a film without VFX, an expensive setup, high-resolution equipment, and a skilled cinematographer is needed. Moreover, a director, producer, and an entire team are needed to shoot a standard 2-minute advertisement.

Even with all the above-mentioned points, the video may not cause a positive impression in the market. However, visual effects give you a cinematic look that will make an impact on the public.

Visual Effects in mumbai

Top 10 List of Visual Effect Studios in Mumbai

One must keep in mind that all the services in the market do not offer the same quality. The diversity in the company's services may differ from north to south.

It is very important to choose the right visual effects studio or else the output results can turn shabby and unsatisfactory and a total loss of your investment.

The following list will guide you through all your needs:

1. The Jigsaw

The Jigsaw is powered by a group of professionals who are well-experienced in the field of videography and digital marketing. With more than two decades of experience, they are the best visual effects service providers in Mumbai.

Here, creative minds come together to create the best results to fulfill your demands and needs. Visual Effects is all about making ordinary things into an extraordinary spectacle. The Jigsaw understands and strongly believes in this concept.

About this, the Jigsaw is capable enough to enhance your brand image with its exceptional visual effect skills and tools. They can successfully build the right and realistic imagery.

Not only are they professional and creative but they are dedicated to creating a spectacular for your brand. Joining hands with them could give you an edge in the market and among the public.

A brand requires a unique identity to walk successfully through all the ups and downs. The Jigsaw is capable of providing quality content and films that will make a remarkable impact on all sectors and stakeholders.

When it comes to promoting and advertising, the Jigsaw has no competitors, it stands out in many aspects and its services will most certainly make you stand out in the eyes of the audiences.


2. Shrex Design

Shrex Design works on Hyperrealism, the art of creating illusions on the screen. It is carried out by adding Visuals and tools to control coloring, light intensity, and other such editing tools.

Shrex Design has a team that is quite knowledgeable in the field and expresses their ideas on many innovative creative forms such as Cynical Realism, Lettrism, Expressionism, and many more on their website.

This substantiates their creative approach and inclination towards innovation and in-depth research skills. Shrex Design also stands experienced in the field with solid 8 years in the market.



Their name, NGCS itself reflects that CG is their core theme of work. It has a great network that connects over 45 VFX/animation studios and talented artists from all corners of the world. This itself ensures their management skills and capability of providing quality visual effects services.

They have a well-established Studio in Mumbai as well. However, their strongest foot is the wide spectrum of connections throughout the world. They can outsource your work to talented artists across continental boundaries.


Established in 2014, their capabilities of conceptualizing and successfully bringing it onto pages is

4. Showtime Productions

Showtime Productions is a video production house with a long list of Videography and promotional services. The company has quality visual effects and animated facilities to avail. They have experience with big brands like Mahindra and Croma. This collaboration justifies their success and positive success rate.


5. Identity Brandcom

Identity Brandcom has more than 10 years of experience. As their name suggests, they are passionate to shape a unique identity for your brand. They believe in specializing their services for each client making them unique.

Rebranding is their strongest skill. Logo designing is also one of their special skills.

Identity Brandcom can create visual effects for you that will make your brand stand out in the crowd. It will give a unique angle to an already existing brand image.


6. Boch & Fernesh

On visiting their site it is quite prominent that they can create impactful graphics and visual effects. With their knowledge and resources about media functioning, they can optimize your content in the best possible way. Their analytical skills are exceptional as well. If you are looking for a company that can produce effective 2 minutes videos, B & F can be a smart choice.


7. Rays 3D

Rays 3D call themselves "the pioneer of 3D conversion and VFX paint in India" and their work stands by this quote. Their past works include movies like Street Dancer 3D and Rudhrma Devi. This company is quite respectable in its field.

Their main work is to convert 2D images and 2D videos into 3D quality without hampering the existing materials. If you want to convert the quality of your already existing advertisement and other films, Rays 3D can turn out to be a good choice.


8. Verve Media

Verve Media has already created 200+ videos and 80+ websites. Their client lists include Uber, JW Marriott, and Aditya Birla Capital. They can truly explore the potential of your brand and present it creatively to the audience.


9. Live Pixel Technologies

Their services offer a wide range of options from simple colorization to adding quality visual effects, you can get it all in here. If you are looking for affordable services, Live Pixel Technologies can be a good choice.


10. Banya Media & Film International

Banya Media has a fully integrated menu of corporate and advertising services for you. They have an amazing specialty in advertising your brand with appropriate Visual Effects.