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Videography Services in Mumbai

Videography Services in Mumbai

Mumbai has a reputation to be known as the hub of media and entertainment. There is no doubt that videography services will be in high demand in this city of dreams. The more the demand, the more will be the availability of the services. This blog is designed to give a list of the best videography services in Mumbai.

Content creation is booming as the easiest way to win the hearts of the public and videography is the technical tool behind this advancement. Although videography is no new invention, there has been a sudden uprise in its methods and techniques.

Videography Services in Mumbai

Videography has always been there playing a significant role in the background of advertisement, capturing live events of both corporate events and personal gatherings. However, in the past few years, especially after COVID the digital turn has been too swift. This has affected the Videography industry as well.

The videographers are getting success and the faculty of their employment and demands are increasing simultaneously. The following presents to you the best videography services available in Mumbai.

What is Videography?

The term videography is the electronic capturing of moving images which involves post-editing as well. It is the technique of creatively shooting and producing professional videos. Videography defines the professional method of digitally capturing scenes and shots for media purposes.

Videography has grown into a strong promotional tool of the new age era where technology holds supreme command over all platforms and industries. The growth of social media has geared the success of the Videography industry to greater heights.

High-resolution equipment and skilled hands are required to handle the job of Videography. An entire team managed the light, camera, and other technical functionalities needed to fulfill this task. All the digital recording of corporate events, creation of promotional and corporate films are powered by the technical art of videography.

What is the Process of Videography?

The Process of videographing a video is not as simple as holding a digital camera and getting a few shots. It is much more complex and is divided into three steps: pre-production, production, and post-production.

In the first step, pre-production, the ideas that will navigate the flow of Videography are researched, discussed, and planned. This step must be conducted following the demands of the client and brand image must be kept in the mind.

Production is the step where Videography is performed. Depending on the scale of the production and investment of the client, the process of Videography takes place. The nature of the event also determines the manner of Videography.

In some cases one videographer can be sufficient while at a large event such as a press conference or a product launch, several videographers are required to get a wide range of shots.

Technical angles are used with perfect lighting and a highlighting background to make the subject of the videography look like the hero of the video.

Post-production is the last step where the final editing of other f captured shots is carried out. This is a crucial step as it finalized the last output of all the efforts.

Videography Services in Mumbai

Different Types of Videography

Various types of videography services differ from one event to another. The target audience determines the manner of videography. Following are a few basic types of videography that are in demand in the market.

1. Corporate Film Videography

These videos are meant to define the image of your brand in the market. Such videos follow a storyline and form a virtual medium of communication with the audience. Corporate videos are a wide term for all those videos that are powered by corporate companies and organizations.

They are non-advertisement videos that showcase the real functionality of a business. Professional video services are required as the standard of corporate films cannot be compromised.

2. Event Videography

Event Videography is the process of Videography that is designed for live events. From corporate events to personal events, all calls are under the same umbrella of event Videography.

Corporate companies organize several large-scale events that require video production services. Therefore, event videography pertains to all those corporate events that are held publicly. Videography of these events can be used for future purposes as well as a communication medium for the virtual audience.

These events may include Conference Meetings, Product launches, Success Parties, press conferences, and many more. As for personal events, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays are such events that are videographed by the majority of the public.

3. Animation Videography

Animation videography is carried out by practical or digital drawing, illustration, and the usage of advanced tools to form an animated video. Practical shooting does not take place, instead, pictures and frames are drawn which are converted into a video.

The purpose of animation videos can be quite diverse. It can be produced for promotional purposes or as an explanatory tool to explain complex concepts to students in an institution or employees in a training program.

Videography Services in Mumbai

4. Product Videography

Product Videography is meant to highlight the product. This video aims to capture the product from 360 degrees and showcase the product impressively.

Product Videography can take place in a small studio with a solid background and soft lighting. However, the size of the product determines the space of the studio. For example, an accessory product can be recorded in a very small space of a few inches while a car product will require an entire room.

What is the Difference Between Videography and Cinematography?

There is a significant difference between the two shooting methods that fall on the technical shelf.

1. Take on Filmmaking

Videography has a more practical take on the method of filmmaking while Cinematography is more bonded with creativity and artistic manners.

2. Technical and Artistic Inclination

Videography has a technical approach as it serves the commercial world of market and advertising while Cinematography has an Artistic Inclination to cater to the needs of film audiences.

3. Purpose

As explained above, videography pertains to media and broadcasting purposes. In contrast to this, Cinematography is for movie-making purposes.

4. Size of the Crew

It is observed that Cinematography demands a large crew in comparison to Videography where a small team of few members can govern the task efficiently.

Videography Services in Mumbai

Top 10 List of Videography Services in Mumbai

1. Corporate Films Mumbai


Corporate Films Mumbai has the best creative approach toward corporate Videography. A team of professionals works together in full coordination to meet your needs. Their services are quite vast and diverse including, corporate films, live streaming and webcasting, training videos, testimonial videos, event videos, explainers, and animation videos. It won't be wrong to say that Corporate Films Mumbai covers all the varieties under the shade of Videography.

The company will not only keep your brand image in mind but also come up with innovative ideas that will set new standards for the company. Corporate Films Mumbai has more than five years of experience in the market and their expertise also extends to the photography section.

The diligent workers at Corporate Films Mumbai will employ the creative faculty accompanied by thorough knowledge and application of Videography technology. They understand the digital art of Videography through multiple dimensions.

Corporate films Mumbai is run by a group of professionals who have had stints with the best television channels in the country namely NDTV, CNBC, Zee Network, and ETV Network. At present, Corporate Films Mumbai has created more than 100 corporate films, training films, and product demos under their belt the company.

Of course, they will provide the best quality of Videography in Mumbai, but quality at a reasonable cost. The client list of corporate films in Mumbai reads like a who’s who of the corporate world and includes names like Vodafone, Future Group, Indian Oil, and Hettich amongst them.

2. Radiance Vision


Their name is a reflection of their names, Radiance Vision has a radiant vision to approach the art of videography. The company strongly understands the weightage that corporate films have on the image and reputation of the company.

They rightly cater to the Videography needs of the clients. Radiance Vision has been in the field of Video creation for the past two decades.

3. The Jigsaw


The Jigsaw is very competent when it comes to Videography and other services related to that branch. The company is very clear at hitting the target audience of the clients. They emphasize each little ingredient that contributes to the big frame on the screen. From color fonts, lighting, angle, graphics, and transitions, the employees at the Jigsaw are very knowledgeable and skilled to fill all the gaps.

4. Pansworld


Their tagline is "Films with Soul", they emphasize putting souls in their videos. The Videography skills of Pansworld employees are top-notch. It seems that their combination of technicality and creativity is very suitable for current trends.

Password has already created 600+ videos and stands as an experienced video production house in Mumbai. They have served 300+ clients with some of the big names on the list.

5. Pixel Carving


Pixel Carving has a more technical approach toward Videography. Their services aim at increasing ROI by creating stunning videos that make a powerful impact in the market and among the public.

Their Videography services assure full three-stage production and allow you to leave all the worries relating to this section.

Videography Services in Mumbai

6. Verve Media


Verve Media is quite the expert in the industry of digital marketing. They exercise brilliant skills and have a look through media functionality. Verve Media believes that you can explore the potential of your brand by joining hands with them. If you wish to highlight your brand image and pay extra emphasis on the identity of the products, Verve Media could be an apt choice.

7. Weinvert


Besides their amazing creative approach toward Videography, Weinvert gives additional time and input into the aspect of uniqueness. It matters to them that all their video creations are distinct from each other and prevent familiar formats in all the videos.

8. Film District India


Film District India will take care of all those little steps included in Videography from start to end. The company will reach out to you multiple times during the production planning and keep you updated regarding all the advances in the Video creation of your demands. Yes, smooth communication skills are one of their many charms.

As a prominent Corporate Film Maker in Mumbai, Film District India will be worth your investment.

9. Santanu Productions


With nearly three decades of experience, Santanu Productions stands out in the Videography field. The company is known to offer the most trending and innovative ideas that will help your brand grow in the best possible way. They have created several audio-visual contents for a variety of industries.

10. 8K Entertainment Media


8K Entertainment Media offers you exceptionally high-resolution video quality. They are known for the 4K Videography services they provide. The company has been standing strong in the market for the past 10 years. 8K Entertainment Media learns and grows constantly by innovating its methods of video creation.