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2d and 3d Animation Services

2d and 3d Animation Services

At the beginning of the 19th Century, animation took its first strong steps, and since then the rest is history. In simple words, animation is the technology that allows still images to move. It is a moving process of manipulating stagnant figures into motion.

2D Animation is one of the earliest forms of animation. It stands towards the traditional end of the animation. 3D Animation stands opposite to 2D Animation, which evolved and revolutionized.

However, both animations are still in practice. This article showcases the basic concept of 2D & 3D Animation and their differences. The blog also comprises details about the best 2D & 3D Animation Services in Mumbai.

What is 2D Animation?

2D and 3D Animation services in mumbai

2D Animation is a creative method of composing movement in a two- dimensional understanding of the subject in depth, 2D Animation is an artistic method where each frame is drawn by hand. The movement is the result of consecutive figures drawn at slight differences from the previous one.

2D Animation is the original version of animation and falls under a more traditional branch. It can be said that this method has become less popular with the invasion of the computer that invented 3D Animation.

However, its roots have grown deep enough to still be prevalent in today's time. Especially the trend of Anime has revived the popularity of 2D Animation. There are many animation series that have boarded the train of new types of animation. But the Japanese believe that their traditional roots stand distinct from other cultures.

Where is 2D Animation Used?

1. Cartoons and other Television Media

2D and 3D Animation services in mumbai

Cartoons have been the original platform for 2D animation. 2D animation caused an uproar when it first started with motion cartoons in the past centuries. Many television media such as movies, and videos created for children have drawn millions of eyes including children and adults.

Even with the invention of 3D animation, there are many cartoon series and forms of videos that stick to 2D animation format as the viewers prefer it that way.

Famous movies: The Lion King (1994), Beauty and the Beast(1991), and Spirited Away(2003).

Famous TV shows: Adventure Time, Rick and Morty, Ben10.

2. Marketing

2D animation is a great asset in the digital market. In this light, setting up a new business or a startup can be costly. One needs to advertise and propagate their brand to attract traffic. Every business cannot afford high-quality corporate films or hire actors or models promote their brand.

At such a time, 2D animation is the most cost-effective option available that will assist you in advertising your brand image in the market. It neither compromises the quality of the advertisement nor costs you thousands.

This is the reason behind Canva's success. It allows small businesses to advertise and form affordable 2D graphic designs easily and cost-effectively.

3. Video games and Mobile Apps

Although 3D animation commands superiority over 2D animation in the gaming sector, 2D animation is no less. There are many video games and mobile apps that stick to the traditional form of animation.

Therefore, 2D animation is here to stay. It has diverse use in the entire entertainment industry as well as the digital market.

What is 3D Animation?

2D and 3D Animation services in mumbai

3D Animation is the digital art of drawing figures in such a manner that they appear in motion in three-dimensional space. The objects are created by a computer that can show 360-degree motion.

The software engineers used software that creates an illusion where the 2D objects will appear in 3D dimension, moving in all directions as well as rotating.

Where is 3D Animation Used?

This type of animation has multiple uses. Like 2D animation, it is also used in movies and other television media. But it serves another use which is real-life use. This includes Architecture and Design, Explainer Videos, and Training Videos.

1. Architecture and Design

Architecture is the art of planning and drawing the graphs and calculated structures of real-life infrastructure and monuments. It is the plan that designs the making of buildings before their construction.

Therefore, many architecture companies use 3D animation to explain their graphical designs more realistically. Not everybody can understand the blueprint designs used in architecture. At such a time, 3D animation comes to the rescue.

With the application of VR and AR tools, one can enter and walk into architectural designs. This animation technique is also applicable to interior design.

2D and 3D Animation services in mumbai

2. Explainer & Training Videos

This is the new era trend of educational institutions. Even companies use these videos to train their employees cost-effectively and flexibly. 

3D animation is used to compose these videos, especially to explain complex concepts of physics, software, and other subjects that require a 360-degree visual presentation. 

3. Gaming

A digital game is more fun when the player gets a real-life taste and feel. 3D animation gives the player intensified and realistic game experience. It can give you the feeling of real-life experience in a game as the motions of the characters be it fighting, trapping, or any other mission are sketched like humans. Professional players prefer this type of 3D animation. 

2D and 3D Animation services in mumbai

4. Company Presentation

A Company Presentation needs to show the future of your project and plans. The presentation must be displayed in the best and most realistic way possible to convince the investors and win the approval of the above authorities. 

This is executed by the application of 3D animation. This form of animation allows the viewers to see the plan in execution in the virtual world. Company presentations based on 3D animation can efficiently display the development of ideas and plans for the future and the spectators can walk in through the idea and see it themselves. 

Even in live press conferences, many companies use 3D animation to showcase their ongoing projects to attract more investors, press media, and of course the public.

2D and 3D Animation services in mumbai

5. Television and Entertainment Media

Many cartoon series and movie productions have evolved with time. Disney is the biggest provider for this evolution and reviving new patterns and forms of 3D animation. From Tangled to Frozen, Disney has created realistic characters and settings which have invented a new dimension in the cartoon industry with 3D animation.

Basic Difference between 2D & 3D Animation

2 Dimensional & 3 Dimensional

This is the most basic difference between both types of Animation. In 2D animation, there exist two axes namely, the x-axis, the horizontal one, and the y-axis, the vertical one. This makes the 2D animation flat in comparison to the 3D animation. The latter has an additional axis called the z-axis. This axis creates depth in the object.

Hand-Drawn & Digitally Drawn

Similar to 2D animation, 3D animation is also drawn to display the figures in motion. But 2D animation or traditional animation is drawn by hand. The animator has to draw each frame of the character and others have to paint the background setting. These hand-drawn figures are then transferred into celluloid followed by finalization and processed into a film.

3D animation is also drawn but a digital pen and digital screen are used to execute this art. Digital paint, pencil, brushes, and other art tools are present. The animator can easily customize the colors to be used and existing materials can be reused in this format.

Moreover, with further development, especially in the movie, Avatar (2009), 3D animation has shifted to CGI rather than drawing and sketching.

Therefore, 3D animation has no bars of evolution. As it deals with the realistic motion of the object its formation techniques are very different from the 2D animation creation.

2D and 3D Animation services in mumbai

Same Plane & Different Plans

In 2D animation, the characters and objects mostly lie in the same plane as their environment. If you look back at 2D animation, the realistic nature of the characters and objects in the 2D animation is absent. But this attribute of 2D animation makes the process of drawing figures easier as the storyboard remains constant.

However, 3D animation is completely different from 2D animation on this point. The images used in 3D animation are not flat and the plane of the characters changes concerning the background.

Which is More Time-Consuming?

2D animation is manual work where a mistake on the paper needs to be redrawn whereas, in 3D animation, a single undo click can solve the issue. At the same time, the demand for 3D animation is more and it has to deal with precise editing and accurate movement of the objects and characters.

Therefore, both forms of animation are extensive in their place. Although they share the same basic animation principles, their further steps and methods are very different from each other and cannot be compared on the scale of time consumption.

2D and 3D Animation services in mumbai

Which Animation Appears more Realistic?

Although 2D animation is the traditional form of animation and still thrives in the market z it is based on two axes that fail to provide a 360-degree view to the audience. In contrast to this, 3D animation has three axes and allows the 360-degree movement of an object. Due to this 3D animation appearing more realistic, its presentation is more similar to real objects than 2D animation.

Why 2d & 3d Animation Services are Demanding in the Market?

As of 2021, the global 3D animation market was estimated to be worth USD 18.39 billion. This itself substantiates the size, demand, and quality of animation services in today's time.

Especially with Digitalization dictating the world, there's no doubt about the effectiveness of animation services in the market.

1. Impressive Logos

Logos create the identity of a brand and it needs to be distinct as the public must identify your brand from the view of your logo. Therefore, logos are a very significant part of brand formation.

Animation An animation that has no boundaries of creativity and it is like a boundless resource that can be dug at never-ending depths to acquire the best-suited output for you.

For example, the channel logos, all are created with the assistance of animation. Images cannot create such a strong and distinct impression. 2D animation has been used for ages and is still in demand for logo creation.

2. The flexibility of the Animation Services

Animation is a boon that is very flexible. This feature is being utilized for educational purposes, to explain complex subjects easily. Likewise, it is also used in training employees which has proved more effective.

3. Cost-Effective

All the coiecopiesnot afford heavy investments in hiring and aaandandtisingrtiseg at a large scale. In this case, 2D animation and even 3D animation are more affordable.

The cost-effective aspect of animation services makes it an overall option to advertise your brand in public.

4. More Engaging

Since the growth in the animation sector has been slow, the public is more intrigued by its functioning. Audiences are more curious and engaged when seeing an animated film because it is very different from real-world scenarios. This is the reason behind the success of the sudden popularity of Japanese animations, Anime.

2D and 3D Animation services in mumbai

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